Sunday, 19 May 2013

How Microsoft Uses Google for their own benefit.

So we all know that Microsoft and Google are two rival companies. We also know that more people use Google's services, so Microsoft have been trying to turn this around recently and surprisingly Microsoft have managed to use Google's own Chat service for their benefit.

In a bit of cooperation with Google and which is rare, outlook is now allowing it's users who are using to use their Outlook id to sign in to Google Chat! Thus increasing the ways for it's users to interact with each other to three(Skype, Facebook Chat and Google Chat), while google users can only use Google Chat.

So how do this affect Google? Well, until now Google was preferred more by young and old people unlikely and Outlook was mostly preferred by corporates and businessmen only, Microsoft's Outlook , Bing etc was always considered as second choice only by most. But with latest version of Outlook and after successfully converting all their Hotmail users to Outlook, Microsoft looks determined to overthrow Google's majority at the same time improve their services.

How does Microsoft embraces google and slaps at it's face at the same time? Recently in a advertising campaign named 'Scroogled' Microsoft has been blaming Google for reading your emails in order to put suitable advertisements for you. According to Microsoft they doesn't read your emails and they say that your private mails are safe with them. Even though we wouldn't say that they will give you full privacy, but we will say they are better than Google at this thing. If you look at all the SCROOGLED banners they tells you to stop using Google and to switch to Microsoft products especially Outlook, but at the same they embraced one of the Google's product that is the Google Chat which was actually made for Gmail users and allowed Microsoft's users to sign in to Google Chat using their Microsoft account. Well most probably Google must have agreed this in order to increase the revenue they get from the advertisements they display in Google Chat. But if you think about this, you will understand that Microsoft is the one that is profiting the most. After adding this feature, their users have more options to interact than Google users.

Why do you need a Google account still? Well if you are someone who just need an email id and only wants to chat with others, there is no need of a Google account now and it is recommended that you should make an Outlook account. But, if you need something more than that, for example if you want to Blog as I do,if you want to upload videos to the biggest videos sharing website in the world, that is youtube, if you want to use Google Books, Earth and many more of their services, you can only do it with your Google account and your Microsoft account can't replace many of the Google's services. An example for this is Blogger, Microsoft have nothing to replace Blogger or Youtube and lots of other things Google provides you.

If you are a businessman or a corporate, we highly recommend to you to use Outlook. But if you are a person who wants to explore the possibilities of internet and sharing, we recommend you to make a Google account, but note that we won't guarantee that nobody will read your mails.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Display production for the next iPhone to be begined, says CNET

After the release of the current iPhone, the display production for the next iPhone seems to have already started, says a report appeared in CNET.

<<The report is given below for you>>

A Japan-based report indicates that production of at least one key component for the next iPhone will begin next month.
Sharp will begin volume production in June of the display "panel" for the "next" iPhone model at its Kameyama plant in Mie prefecture, according to a report in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a major Japanese industrial newspaper.

The specifications for next iPhone -- which is rumored to be called the iPhone 5S -- are "similar" to the current model, the newspaper said.Sharp's Kameyama plant has not been operating at anywhere near full capacity but production of the next iPhone's display is expected to bring the plant to "full production," the report said.
There have been rumors that the iPhone 5S will be delayed, with stern warnings from analysts that Apple needs to bring out the next iPhone model by the third calendar quarter.
This news could indicate that may be the case.
Sharp will be joined by LG Display and Japan Display -- the latter combines the former display businesses of Sony Mobile Display, Toshiba Mobile Display and Hitachi Displays -- in panel production. Production schedules for LGD and Japan Display were not mentioned in the report.
The release of the next iPhone is expected to coincide with the availability of iOS 7, the next operating system for Apple's mobile devices. The new iPhone will also likely have new innards, possibly including an updated processor.
Report Taken From

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Saturday, 4 May 2013

How Google Glass Threatens User's Privacy.

The highly innovative Google Glass doesn't seems to be secured after all. The Google Glass could be compromised by a hacker who would be able to see and everything the person wearing the Glass does.

The Google Glass which is under development by the search giant Google threatens the privacy of it's user as it doesn't have any PIN lock or authentication system.

The latest reports states that the Glass has root capabilities which can runned by connecting to a computer and running some commands. And that would give the hacker the power to monitor everything the wearer does from a Smartphone in their pocket.

Once the attacker has a root in your Glass they will have much more than if they had access to your PC or phone. They will be able to see and hear whatever you see and hear. The only thing that they will not have access to will be your thoughts.

Experts point out that it can know all your passwords for example, as it can watch you typing them, it can even manage monitor the use of your other safe gadgets. It can watch you entering door codes or take pictures of your keys or even record what you write using a pen or a paper. Now you would be thinking that the device will show a red light when its camera is one so there is no problem, but even if the red light is on the wearer of the glass wouldn't notice it as the light is facing away from him/her.

Experts says that it would just 10 minutes from a hacker's life to install a rooted version of the Glass that it comes with and also that the way the glass is currently designed, it is particularly susceptible to the kind of security issues that plagues Android devices.

The PIN lock was a savior of Android from its security issues but as Google Glass doesn't have that too it's a total threat to the privacy of users of its current version.

The Google Glass also has debug mode in which it allows to be connected with a computer and thus a person can install his own software after doing some small hacks.

Experts especially Jay Freeman who first raised concerns regarding these recommends the Glass should have security measure like a PIN lock, voice recognition etc. But what I recommend is Eye recognition, after all it is a glass. And there should be something like a shield which covers the camera when it's not so the wearer and even whether it's recording or not.

A Google Spokesperson said: "We recognize the importance of building device-specific protections, and we're experimenting with solutions as we work to make Glass more broadly available."

Sources say that current Exploder edition is only intended for developers and someone above average users and that it doesn't have all of of it's owners account details. And there is also a 'wipe out' system in the current edition but it is still not tested against hacking and is unclear whether it works against it or not.
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Friday, 3 May 2013

Google Glass lets you to take a picture just with a wink

The new Winky app based on Android platform will let the owners of Google Glass take pictures of what they see with just wink.

From now on when you see a a person wearing Google Glass winking at you he may be actually taking a picture of you.

The new code made by Google Developer Mike DiGiovanni the wink gesture in high tech specs.

Dubbed Winky, the feature can be also used to take pictures when the Glass is turned off, so there is no need of any Voice commands and all.

You cannot wink and take pictures just like that though, you have to have some developments skills of your own to make Winky work on your glass.  According to Mike's latest Google+ post he has released Winky as pure Android Source code, which means it should be compiled and run as APK(Application Package file). The current Google Exploder Edition is intended for developers so he figures most of the owners must e knowing how to do this.

Google Glass owners can download the source code through DiGiovanni's GitHub site. After creating and running the APK Glass owners just need to calibrate and start winking.

DiGiovanni's code taps into a wink option spotted recently by Reddit user fodawim in the MyGlass companion app for Google Glass.

Currently only developers and pioneers have been able to sang Google Glass that by shelling out $1,500. The version for normal consumers is expected to be launched sometime in 2014 with a lower price.

Based on an article appeared in CNET

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ratchet And Clank to hit theatres at early 2015

The much awaited movie of the hit and goofy game Ratchet and Clank Movie to hit theatres on the early weeks of 2015.

The game from Insomniac Games was big hit when it was released. It successfully entertained both adults and children alike. The rumours of a movie titled the same to hit the theatres was heard a while ago even though it was not officially confirmed. But now it has been confirmed by the Insomniac Games itself by uploading a teaser in Youtube. Early responses from the fans are in favour to the movie. Let us hope that this movie will be an epic one.

PS4 console to be released earlier?

We are all ready for the next generation consoles which is slated to come out somewhere around November and in time for vacations, but it seems that one of the console is going to be released earlier.

This rumour comes from a supposed(or sometimes not) message in one of Naught Dog, the developer of likes of Uncharted, has left in game. What everyone noticed is the October-17, 2013 date tagged with 'Mandatory Evacuation' notice.

This report/rumour has not been confirmed by Sony. And seeing how much the company is taking efforts to not to disclose the release date right now in order to make it a surprise, it is not likely to be that company will confirm this even if the report is true.

We are expecting both Sony(PS4) and Microsoft(X-Box) will not reveal their consoles to the public until also-speculated May event

For the mean time, what is sure with Sony is that its release window is scheduled for a pre-Christmas launch, potentially at the same time as Microsoft. But if this bit of speculation has a grain of truth, it might help the PS4 next-gen console in terms of its US distribution, if it gets released earlier than the competition.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Hackers hacked 60 Minutes and 48 hours

CBS has confirmed that their twitter accounts 60 Minutes and 48 Hours was hacked. Unknown hackers accused U.S for aiding terrorists via the hacked accounts.

The official twitter accounts of 60 Minutes and 48 Hours were hacked by hackers in order to publish tweets which accused United States of aiding terrorism and terrorists.

@CBSNews tweeted: We have experienced problems on twitter accounts of #60Minutes & @48Hours; We apologize for the inconvenience. Another tweet from @60Minutes said: Our Twitter account has been compromised earlier today. We are working with Twitter to resolve.

Bogus message from @60Minutes included the below one.

Exclusive: Terror is striking the #USA and #Obama is Shamelessly in Bed with Al-Qaeda.

And these from @CBSDenver

New Evidence of CIA aiding Al-Qaeda terrorists in #Syria

WMDs Provided by NATO to Al-Qaeda for a false flag operation in #Syria

The bogus tweets have since been taken down, but Arik Hesseldahl over at All Things Digital posted screenshots. The hackers' tweets also included links, which Hesseldahl reported were believed to lead to malware-carrying Web pages.
The Syrian Electronic Army, a group of pro-Syrian government hackers, claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday. Last month, the BBC's weather service saw its Twitter feed compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army, which supports Syrian President Bashar Assad. And last year, news service Reuters saw bogus news stories involving the Middle East posted on its Web site. Al-Jazeera has also been a victim, with hackers sympathetic to the Syrian government compromising the network's short messaging service and sending out fake texts.
CBS is the parent company of CNET.

SOURCE: news.cnet